We create the future

For nearly 30 years, The PhD Project has helped change the future workforce by providing historically underrepresented students a model of achievement and businesses a powerful way to enrich the talent pipeline. We support the creation of business PhDs from historically underrepresented groups – transforming business education and business.

We empower our community

Through partnerships, networking, mentoring, and unique events, The PhD Project empowers our community to help students from historically underrepresented backgrounds earn PhDs so they can inspire and educate the next generation of business leaders.

We believe diversity is crucial

In the 21st century, diversity is crucial. That’s because business needs the talents of many more outstanding professionals, students deserve to be confident that their unique viewpoints are valued, and everyone should have the opportunity to succeed.

Why pursue a business PhD?

There are many compelling reasons,

  • an MBA is not required, just the GMAT/GRE test score;
  • universities generally provide stipends and don’t
    charge tuition;
  • business experience is highly valued;
  • academic compensation packages are attractive
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