Becoming A PhD

Thanks to The PhD Project, there are hundreds of historically underrepresented
students pursuing their doctoral degrees – and their dreams. From our earliest
days, we set a goal of changing the face of business education – and we have!
For those considering an academic career, we offer a full range of information,
resources, support and networking opportunities that can be the difference in
making a PhD a reality. When our PhD Project students become alumni – moving
on to their faculty positions at universities across the United States – we continue
to support them as they educate the next generation of business leaders

How we make success possible


The PhD Project’s invitation-only conference for prospective business doctoral students is held annually in Chicago.

Once enrolled in a business doctoral program, eligible students become members of a Doctoral Student Association (DSA) in accounting, finance & economics, information systems & sciences, management, or marketing. A DSA provides resources, support, and networking opportunities significantly impacting the success rate of our members:

97% of The PhD Project members accept a faculty position upon graduation.

90% of The PhD Project doctoral students complete their degrees.


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Network of Support

A strong support network is a key success factor in the journey to a PhD. Having the encouragement and insights of other doctoral students and faculty is invaluable. Discipline-focused Doctoral Student and Faculty Alumni associations connect our PhD Project member with others who can offer encouragement and insights grounded in experience.

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Professional Development

PhD Project members have an opportunity to attend conferences and seminars throughout the year for networking, collaboration and learning. These events and resources help members forge relationships that extend throughout their academic career.

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“I became involved with the Marketing DSA… in the first year of my doctoral program. This organization was a huge reason why I made it through my program…the MDSA community provided consistent support…I could not be more grateful.”


Dr. Aziza Jones, PhD

Received PhD: Rutgers University
On Faculty at: University of Wisconsin-Madison