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Is a PhD Right for You?

Do you want to Mentor the next generation of business leaders?

Do you want to Prepare students for opportunities within a diverse labor market?

Do you want to Create a foundation for ongoing student success – in work and in life?

Do you want to Give back to the community through knowledge and education?

There are also many advantages of entering into a business PhD program:

Most universities DO NOT charge tuition and DO provide stipends to business doctoral students (level of stipends vary between $15K-40K)

You do NOT need an MBA to enter a business doctoral program (you do need the GMAT/GRE).

Academic salaries are VERY attractive. To view the latest AACSB salary data click here 

Experience and maturity gained in the corporate world is highly valued

The PhD Project provides information about earning a business PhD and rare networking opportunities with doctoral granting institutions and members of the business academic community.


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