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The PhD Project is committed to providing our alumni with opportunities to stay involved with our organization by sharing their successes and their aspirations.

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Project AHEAD: Achieving Higher Education Administration Diversity

With fewer than 30 African-American, Hispanic American and Native American Deans at majority business schools in the U.S., the need for administrative diversity has become increasingly evident. Project AHEAD encourages tenured minority faculty to explore positions in administration. Following The PhD Project model, this program  offers resources and support by hosting webinars and providing mentors to help members on this path.

Understanding the Search Process

Seasoned PhD Project faculty joined current Deans and representatives from leading search firms to explore this path at our AHEAD session held during The PhD Project 2012 Annual Conference in Chicago. View a video from this event to learn more.

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Aspiring Leaders Program

The PhD Project is proud to host the Aspiring Leaders Program with AACSB. Held each July for tenured PhD Project faculty, this program addresses all leadership roles from department chairs through provost.  For more information on this exciting program, contact Myrna Varner at mvarner@phdproject.org.

KPMG Board Fit

KPMG Board Leadership Center’s Board Fit program is an outgrowth of KPMG’s commitment to boardroom excellence and the importance of strong, diverse boards. Board Fit is conducted by our center’s board and governance experts.

For more information on these programs, please contact Myrna Varner at mvarner@phdproject.org.

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