What We Do

Empower Minorities To Teach - And Lead - In Business

Creating a more diverse workforce demands the same spirit of innovation, entrepreneurialism and leadership that built our great companies. It’s why at The PhD Project, we’re building diversity by targeting the place where great leaders are created: America’s business schools. Through our work, these schools today have a more diverse faculty of inspired PhDs who serve as mentors and role models for a new generation of Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic American, and Native American/Canadian Indigenous business leaders.

Is a PhD Right for You?

Have you considered a PhD and the impact it can have on your future and the future of others? Did you know that Universities can provide support and financial resources that can help you secure your PhD?

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Support We Provide

A strong support network is a key success factor in the journey to a PhD. Having the encouragement and insights of other doctoral students and alumni faculty members is invaluable. Only those who are on, or have already followed, the same path truly understand the challenges and opportunities of reaching your goal.

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About Our Events

Throughout the year, the PhD Project participates and hosts events to support our members and future PhD candidates.

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